Best Shoes for Weight Training and Cardio

Best Shoes for Weight Training and Cardio

Weight training is an activity that people do not only to lose weight but to get their bodies in shape. It is a hobby for some, and for others, it is a lifestyle. Both men and women take part in this activity. Unlike other physical activities like cardio, there isn’t much of a specific attire needed for weightlifting.

The most you need is stretchy clothes, the right pair of training shoes, and you are good to go. The right pair of shoes will give you good foot movement, prevent you from pains and help you with achieving your lifting goal. Lifting weights is a dangerous activity as if you are not experienced enough or your foot slips, it could be a reason for a broken bone even. This is another reason why shoes designed for weight training and cardio are important.

There are many kinds of brands that manufacture shoes nowadays and it gets tiresome having to go through all of those. Keeping that in mind we have created a list of the 10 best workout shoes available in the market to help you out.

1. Adidas Adipower

Adidas Adipower

Upper: Woven textile
Sole: Rubber
Fit: Regular
Closure: Lace with a hook-and-loop strap

One of the most bought items for weight training is the ADIDAS ADIPOWER. These shoes are featured in the excellent combination of red and black. Not only do they look good but they are also made from high-quality material and perform their job effectively.

They are made from PU coated leather that increases the stability and durability of the shoes. The shoes feature Strong Structure Chassis. This has been weight lifting engineered after research. There is also an air mesh featured that provides breathability to the shoe. The shoes have a Lightweight EVA midsole which is the best material for cushioning the entire foot.

Many Adidas shoes including this one come with a Single instep strap that provides additional rearfoot integrity. This way the foot stays in place during the exercise. There also is an excellent heel support design which focuses on supporting the heel and yet is light in weight. The rubber outsole gives high-wear durability.

Most of the customers are satisfied with this product and that is why this comes highly recommended. The difference in the output of your work out is quite clearly visible from the first that you start using these shoes. These pair of shoes can be used for cardio as well as weightlifting.

Pros: Comfortable, stable, high heel raise, great for all Olympic weightlifting movements.

Cons: Not suitable for dynamic movements or accessory work.

See the Adidas Adipower See the Women’s Adidas Adipower

2. Reebok Crossfit Lifter 2.0

Reebok Crossfit Lifter 2.0

Upper: Leather with mesh
Sole: Rubber
Fit: Narrow
Closure: Lace with a hook-and-loop strap

The REEBOK CROSSFIT LIFTER 2.0 features leather on the toe. It is comfortable and very flexible this way. The shoes feature a dual closure that has hooks and laces. These shoes also have anti-friction lining so that your feet do not slip out when no matter what the amount of weight is. The cushioned collar provides support and comfort for the ankles. This also helps in the movement of your feet and protects these areas from blisters and chafes.

The shoes help to improve the wearer’s overall performance as well. These shoes are not limited to be used for lifting weights but can be utilized for other activities such as cardio as well. The shoe is quite wide and provides better stability than most shoes available in the market.

The heel is the perfect size for training purposes. It is available in the amazing red color which is quite different than the colors that are normally available. The style of the shoes will definitely make you stand out from others in the gym.

The outer sole features flex grooves. These create a good grip on the surface and give you balance and a good amount of stability when you lift. Most people have been really impressed with the durability and quality of these shoes. They are long lasting and ca withstand intense workout regimes as well.

Pros: Durable, great quality, grippy outsole

Cons: A little narrow fit

See the Reebok Crossfit Lifter 2.0 See the Women’s Reebok Crossfit Lifter 2.0

3. Adidas Powerlift 4

Adidas Powerlift 4

Upper: Canvas
Sole: Adiwear outsole
Fit: Narrow, snug
Closure: Lace with a hook-and-loop strap

It is an impossible feat to mention good shoes and not mention Adidas. These shoes by Adidas have been designed in 5 different color combinations. This way you can choose according to your preference. The colors are the neutral ones that can be worn by both men and women.

These shoes are made of Canvas that make it durable and very stable for use. The laces help to keep the foot in place and prevent any slipping while lifting the weights. The EVA sock liner adds to the comfortability and the softness of the inner part of the shoe. There is no heel featured in the shoe. Overall, the shoe is narrow enough so that it is a good fit for your feet. The midsole wedge that is present provides a good base for the wearer. There is a velcro near the collar so that even when lifting a lot of weight, the feet do not slip out.

The people who have opted for these shoes have felt different in their first workout as well. These shoes are great for cardio as well. They may be a little tight, to begin with, but over time they become looser and more comfortable to wear. They are a little on the expensive side but do provide good value for money and look good too.

Pros: The heel is incompressible and delivers stability, snug-fitting upper prevents feet from sliding inside the shoe.

Cons: Not the best option for pure Olympic lifting.

See the Adidas Powerlift 4 See the Women’s Adidas Powerlift 4

4. Inov-8 FastLift 325

Inov-8 FastLift

Upper: Mesh with supportive overlays
Sole: Rubber
Fit: Not specified
Closure: Lace with a hook-and-loop strap

This pair of shoes feature a heel of height 9mm. Most people would argue that this is too high for doing squats or weight training. But this pair with the wide outsole of the shoe provides a good deal of stability during the training sessions. These shoes also have strap and laces both to keep your feet in the right orientation.

The INOV-8 FASTLIFT 325 are the lightest weightlifting shoes available in the market. They are made from a lightweight synthetic material from the inside and out, including the sole. The forefoot features meta-flex technology that provides a more comfortable and easier movement in all directions. This way the wearer can transition from Olympic style weightlifting to other movements or techniques in the same workout session. The shoe features an external heel cage and power-truss technology to increase the stability of the shoe.

There aren’t many colors featured in this range except black which is the most popular choice. The shoes have been received well by the general population as most people agree that these improve the level of their workout. The heel, surface of the outsole and the strap all come together to help you maximize the functionality of this pair. Apart from the fewer color choices, there are no downsides to the Fastlift Weightlifting and Fitness Shoes.

Pros: A great combination of flexibility and sturdiness, lifting, breathable

Cons: Laces easily come undone during the workout session, few color options

See the Inov-8 FastLift 325 See the Women’s Inov-8 FastLift 325

5. Adidas Powerlift 3.1

Adidas Powerlift 3.1

Upper: Synthetic leather with an air mesh collar and tongue
Sole: Rubber
Fit: Narrow
Closure: Lace with a hook-and-loop strap

Featured in the solid black color, these shoes have brilliant features that make them a good choice for weight training. The light in weight synthetic upper provides good support for the ankle increases the durability of the shoe as a whole. The tongue, collar, and lining are all made of mesh. This way there is a maximum amount of air that can flow in and out and keep the wearer’s feet cool and comfortable during rigorous training.

This does not have a heel but rather feature a wider bottom for stability while lifting weights. To keep your feet in place, the shoes feature lightweight laces. To add further security to the feet, there is also a strap featured in the shoes. There is extra space available in the toe region. Not only does this increase breathability but also provides quality movement space.

The midsole features high density and has been die-cut to fit perfectly into the shoes. Despite being made for men; they can be used by women as well. Most customers are extremely pleased by the width of the shoe as it provides good stability for squats and while lifting weights. They can also be used for different kinds of exercises and work out routines due to having no heel.

Pros: Feel steady when lifting weights, the snug upper delivers excellent lateral support

Cons: Soft and flimsy insole

See the Adidas Powerlift 3.1 See the Women’s Adidas Powerlift 3.1

6. Reebok ROS Workout Tr 2.0

Reebok ROS Workout Tr 2.0

Upper: Mesh with textile overlays
Sole: Rubber
Fit: Narrow
Closure: Lace-up

The REEBOK ROS WORKOUT TR 2.0 is one of the best training shoes that you can come across. It contains an inner sole for comfort, and outsole for stability and even a flexible material to facilitate the necessary foot movements during training.

If you are someone that wants their shoes to be good to look and function effectively as well, then you need not look any further. These workout shoes come in different colors that you can pair off with your gym clothes. Due to the amazing design, they can also be worn casually when you go out. The lightweight mesh on the upper part of the shoe does not add much to the weight of the shoe and keeps it well ventilated as well.

The shape has been designed after extensive research so that it fits the feet well. The sole is made of gum rubber which adds to the shoe’s durability and stability. The laces that are featured on the shoes give you a snug fit.

What makes this shoe different is that the outsole is made for use on any kind of surface. Most of the customers have been satisfied with this product. In some cases, it has been noted that the size was too big. However, upon ordering a smaller size it is a little snug but still provides enough room in the frontal region for toe movement.

Pros: An all-around cross-training shoe, good balance of flexibility and sturdiness

Cons: The narrow fit may require a break-in period

See the Reebok ROS Workout Tr 2.0 See the Women’s Reebok ROS Workout Tr 2.0

7. Adidas Crazy Power

Adidas Crazy Power

Upper: Textile with RPU protective cage
Fit: Wide
Closure: Lace with a hook-and-loop strap

The ADIDAS CRAZY POWER contains all the features that make it a great shoe. The lace-up system paired with the sticky strap keeps the foot both protected and in the correct position. The mesh that covers the upper surface near the toes helps with keeping the shoe properly ventilated. Ventilation is important to not only keep the shoe odor-free but also to keep your feet healthy. It is made of synthetic material that is flexible enough to bend with all movements of your feet.

The inner lining fits your foot like a sock so that your feet are comfortable and protect your foot from chaffing. TPU has been added to the heel of the shoes to provide a better fit. This also supports your foot to avoid any injuries while lifting an enormous amount of weight. These shoes also feature flex grooves in the forefoot region of the shoes’ outsole which aids the foot in multidirectional movement during the training sessions so that you can gain the maximum from the workout.

The outsole has been added to the shoe which is made from an anti-slip rubber, helping to keep the wearer stable on their feet and to help prevent the wearer from slipping during lifting weights. The importance of each of these features is evident from the functions and benefits that they provide.

Pros: Comfortable due to its cushioning and fit, versatile, flexible and sturdy

Cons: A little stiff and uncomfortable to use for long periods.

See the Adidas Crazy Power See the Women’s Adidas Crazy Power

8. Adidas Leistung 16 II

Adidas Leistung 16 II

Upper: Structured mesh
Sole: Rubber with a flexible forefoot
Fit: Regular
Closure: Lace-up

This pair of shoes is one of the most preferred ones for regular gym-goers. This is because they are made from a synthetic woven material that makes it flexible and increases its durability. This way you can move your foot in all directions easily and not have to worry about stretching out the shoe or injuring yourself.

The BOA system in the shoes provides micro-adjustability so that your shoe can sit better on your foot. There is no limit to what you can do with shoes like these. Making use of this feature will ensure that your feet stay inside the respective shoes, protected and comfortable. The flat rubber outsole increases the surface area of the shoe and give you more stability when squatting. Due to it you may even perform better as it keeps your feet firm on the ground during the extensive training.

A Weightlifting engineered chassis is featured in the shoe for structured strength and to increase its durability. It also has a lightweight polymer that adheres to the shape of your feet and provides the necessary cushioning.

The midsole also contains a rear foot cradle that keeps your heel elevated and increases the comfort level of the shoe. The heel has the optimum height to help you maximize on your squats. Most of the customers were satisfied with the quality, fit and the micro-adjusting BOA system of the shoes.

Pros: Excellent stability for weightlifting, sleek design

Cons: A bit hot and expensive

See the Adidas Leistung 16 II

9. Reebok Legacylifter

Reebok Legacylifter Cross Trainer

Upper: Leather with mesh
Sole: Rubber
Fit: Customized
Closure: Lace with a hook-and-loop strap

These shoes are available in a variety of different color combinations. Ranging from the dark black undertones to the ones that have white as a base, these shoes provide you with many color choices. Original Reebok shoes are hard to come by especially on online stores but these are certified originals.

The sole is made from gum rubber-like many other shoes. The insoles of these shoes are an added advantage as they keep the heels protected during strenuous exercise. The outer surface is made of synthetic material. It is durable and can last you for a long time. If you choose these shoes you will not have to replace them for a long time. Although a little on the heavier side, this increases their durability and stability both.

The Legacylifter features laces and sticks on both to keep your shoes on. It is a good idea to buy them in a size 0.5 larger than what you purchase normally. They are a little snug but still provide enough space in the toe region for effective movement.

Pros: Ideal for various types of weight training activities.

Cons: A bit heavy for activities other than weightlifting.

See the Reebok Legacylifter See the Women’s Reebok Legacylifter

10. Inov8 Fastlift 400 BOA

Inov8 Fastlift 400 BOA

Upper: Synthetic/mesh
Sole: Rubber
Fit: Customized
Closure: BOA lacing system

This pair of shoes have a mesh on its upper surface which makes the shoe very breathable. This will keep the inside ventilated and will prevent any bad odors. They feature a BOA system that keeps the shoe in place and can be adjusted according to your shoe too. The laces are lightweight and keep the feet in place while training. Using a single movement of the BOA dial can help adjust the shoe to your foot that wasn’t possible in the traditional shoes.

The sole inside and the midsole give a good base for your feet. This prevents your feet from slipping and helps with increased stability for your footing.

The outer and inner material both are synthetic making it a long-lasting pair of shoes. The INOV-8 FASTLIFT 400 BOA WEIGHTLIFTING SHOES also have a meta-flex inside the forefront of the shoe aiding in its comfort and flexibility. The power-truss system and external heel cage in the back of the shoes help with lifting and enhances stability.

Despite all these features, the shoes themselves are quite light in weight. The outsole of the shoes is wide too which helps with the balance when coming back up from a squatting position after lifting the weight. There is an abundance of buyers that have had a positive experience with these shoes.

Pros: Sturdy, lightweight, flexible

Cons: Not ideal powerlifting

See the Inov8 Fastlift 400 BOA See the Women’s Inov8 Fastlift 400 BOA

Weight Training & Cardio Shoes: Comparison Table

Adidas AdipowerWoven textileRubberRegularLace with strap
Crossfit Lifter 2.0Leather/meshRubberNarrowLace with strap
Adidas Powerlift 4CanvasAdiwear outsoleNarrow, snugLace with strap
Inov-8 FastLift 325MeshRubberNot specifiedLace with strap
Adidas Powerlift 3.1Leather/meshRubberNarrowLace with strap
ROS Workout Tr 2.0Mesh/textileRubberNarrowLace-up
Adidas Crazy PowerTextile/RPUTRAXIONWideLace with strap
Adidas Leistung 16 IIStructured meshRubberRegularLace-up
Reebok LegacylifterLeather/meshRubberCustomizedLace with strap
Inov8 Fastlift 400 BOASynthetic/meshRubberCustomizedBOA lacing system

How to Choose Shoes for Weight Training & Cardio?

How to Choose Shoes for Weight Training & Cardio?

There are many kinds of shoes available. Out of these, there is still a lot that has been designed specifically for weight training. It can be challenging and overwhelming to choose the right pair, especially when you have no prior knowledge. That is why we have mentioned some tips to help you out.

Know your Size

The first thing you need to know is your shoe size. Most shoes need to be around half a size smaller than your regular shoes to fit your feet perfectly. It is a good idea to get measured for the fit before going to buy or ordering the trainers online.


Heels are important for those who want to lift weights. They help with doing squats and help to distribute the weight more evenly when you do so. Your height is what the heel length is dependent on. The longer you are, the longer the heel of your shoes should be to prevent you from toppling forward. The elevation aids your foot’s mobility, makes your posture better and provides a great deal of stability for your footing.

The Material

The material is as important as the design of the shoe. If the material is breathable then this way your feet will remain cool and comfortable even during a long training session. Furthermore, the material helps to keep the foot protected so it must be durable as well. Most of the shoes have a sole that is made of wood, plastic or a combination of both. A good quality trainer should last you around 2-3 years easily.

Flat Soles for Weightlifting

A wider surface is required for those who want to lift weights on a quite regular basis. They not only provide stability but also help you lift more weight than you could without the flat sole. This is why specific kinds of shoes can work for weightlifting.

Comfort Level

If the shoe is not comfortable, it becomes a cause for dislike. When you are not comfortable while doing your exercise, you are most likely to be discouraged from continuing it. This is why it is imperative that the shoes be comfortable. This is dependent on the material and the ankle collar as well as the amount of toe space. All these combined together can give you the perfect comfortable shoe. The air mesh is an important feature for comfort as it keeps the feet and the shoes fully ventilated and cool when in use and not respectively.

Best Shoes for Weight Training and Cardio
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