Best Trainers for Flat Feet 2019

Best Trainers for Flat Feet

Running is an activity that improves one’s health greatly. There isn’t much that is needed for running. This means that it is quite an inexpensive way to maintain your health. However, one important investment that every runner should do is in shoes or trainers.

Choosing the right kind of shoe can prevent both short term and long term problems that you may face. They improve the quality of your running and training and prevent blistering. There are many companies and even more trainers available in the market. We have made a list of the 10 best trainers for flat feet to make the job of choosing, easier for you.

These 10 trainers have been chosen after comparing hundreds of trainers. If you are still not convinced with this list, you can find the tips to buy the right trainers presented at the end.

1. ASICS Patriot 10

Starting this list with the ASICS men’s PATRIOT 10. These shoes are available in many different colors including the conventional black and white as well. It is one of the best high top trainers available in the market. The breathable mesh on the top makes sure that the shoe is well ventilated when in use and not. The EVA midsole paired with the Ampliform material present in the sole provides a comfortable fit while you run.

Made of high quality durable material, these shoes will last you for a long time. The lace that is featured ensures your feet stay in and protected. The shoes also feature reduced overlays that provide support to them without adding any extra weight. One of the best things about these shoes is that they provide a comfortable and perfect fit compatible with your feet size. The heel is only 1.18 inches high to provide support while running.

The outsole has a good grip that prevents any slips while running. This ensures that your feet hit the ground and aid in running. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor running. The trainers have been received well by most customers. Even though these are for men, the width and fitting of the trainers works for women as well. Basically, they look good and perform their job exceptionally as well.

See the ASICS Patriot 10

2. More Mile R66

These shoes feature an ultra-thick bounce back soft Phylon midsole. This keeps your feet comfortable and protected from any blisters or chafes. This also provides a soft and secure cushioning for the ankles. The trainers are made of very soft material and can be used by people who have sensitive skin as well. This pair of trainers has been designed specifically for athletes who are either preparing for or taking part in marathons.

The material combined with the breathable mesh keeps your feet cool throughout the run. Upper overlay and the raised outsole combine to enhance the stability of the heel of your feet. The tongue is soft and padded to provide a good base for your feet. It also takes the shape of your sole to better fit you. The outsole is made of rubber. This makes it waterproof and firm on the group. It prevents your feet from slipping and hence decreases the chance of any injury.

Many people have loved these shoes especially for long term excessive running. These can also be used indoors on the treadmill. The pop of blue that has been added on out the outsole of the trainers gives it a very chic look. These running shoes are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd due to their amazing look and their functionality. If these aren’t a complete package, we do not know what pair of shoes are.

See the More Mile R66

3. Hi-Tec Shadow

The Hi-Tech Men’s Shadow Trainers are available in two color combinations; moonlight blue and blue, and grey and silver. Each of these looks great and can be paired with just about any kind of attire. They can be worn casually as well. Whether you are going for a morning stroll, a jog or getting ready for a marathon, these trainers are your perfect partner.

These come with a rubber outsole which provides good traction when you run. This way you can maintain your balance and run with ease. The laces are present to make sure your feet stay safe inside the shoe. These trainers are made with leather and a mesh to keep them breathable no matter how long your run is.

The flat heel adds to the stability of the shoe. The quality of material that these trainers are made of is exceptional. The retro shadow design and the high quality textile make it an instant favorite. However, the downside is that customers need to be vary when choosing the size as they need to order a bigger size for their feet to fit right.

These shoes are best for men as they are wider and flatter. Overall, it is a good pair of trainers if you order a size larger than you normally do.

See the Hi-Tec Shadow

4. Puma Speed 500 Ignite

The PUMA SPEED running shoes have been made keeping in mind both the genders. It can be worn by men and women alike. They are really trendy to look at and contain certain features that put them in a class of their own.

The trainers feature the revolutionary Ignite technology that give the shoes more stability, comfort, energy return and adaptability. The Midsole consists of two layers containing PU foam that provides long lasting energy return by reducing the time for contact with the ground, resulting in a faster rebound. The flat heel and the lace up closure keep the foot firm inside the synthetic material of the shoe.

The outer mesh layer prevents the shoes from having bad odor and facilitates proper ventilation. To give a better fit in the shoe, it is also accompanied by a sock liner that keeps your feet from chaffing. It is light in weight making it an ideal shoe for running. These shoes can be used for indoor and outdoor running. Whether you are going for a jog or 200k run, these shoes have got your flat feet covered.

Most of the customers have had a positive experience with these trainers. These are designed for adults especially and can be used for a long time as the material is strong and extremely durable.

See the Puma Speed 500 Ignite

5. Brooks Levitate 2

The Levitate 2 running shoes come in a vast range of unique color combinations. The designers at Brooks have played with metallic colors to give that distinctive look to the shoes. The whole shoe is made of synthetic material making it long-lasting. It is easy to break into these shoes as they have been made keeping in mind the external conditions when you go for a run.

The rubber sole keeps your foot in place and provides it with the proper cushioning. Owing to this your feet won’t ache even after a long run. This decreases the chances of chafes and blisters for your feet too. It is important to keep your feet protected while running and that is why these shoes feature a pair of laces.

The shoe is more elastic as compared to other running shoes. This will help you in running and reaching higher benchmarks for your exercise. These shoes are lightweight and will make you feel like you have got nothing on your feet. This is a positive as the light weight ensure more effective exercise routine.

Most of the customers have given positive responses about this pair of trainers. This is because they provide comfort and protection to your feet from the get go. Basically, you can wear them directly for a marathon and you will not face any problem unlike shoes that need to be broken down.

See the Brooks Levitate 2

6. Asics Gel-Kayano

Next up in our list we have the ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano Trainers. These shoes are classy, fit you well and are made of great material. The colors that these are available in include blue, pink, white and black as the favorites.

Mad from textile inside and out, these shoes can be used by just about everyone. Their fit is perfect and hugs your feet to keep them safe from any harm. The top most layer is however made from velvet giving it a very finished and classy look. These trainers can be worn with casual clothing as well due to the generic style.

This too like other trainers for flat footed people, contains laces to keep the foot secure. That is one of the main jobs of the shoes. The gel technology that has been used provides cushioning and adds to the comfort level. This way you can wear these for hours without feeling any pain or your feet tiring out. These are one of the trainers that fulfill all the specifications of a good trainer for running for flat footed people.

Customers have in general been happy with the shoes. This is because they are stylish and keep your feet comfortable for a long time. Although made for men, the slim fitting works well for women as well.

See the Asics Gel-Kayano

7. Nike Air Zoom Structure 22

It is impossible to make a list of great trainers and not include the world famous Nike in it. This is because Nike provides good quality consistently. This has been again proven by these Nike Men’s AIR ZOOM structure 22 running shoes.

These trainers are available in three sporty yet chic colors. The designing and shape of the shoes are eye catching and will help you leave an impression on anyone you run by. The fly wire cables keep the top of your foot secure an in place. Whereas the air mesh facilitates the airiness of the shoes even when in use.

The shoes feature laces so that it is easy to adjust the tightness of the fitting of the shoe. The gum rubber sole provides the necessary cushioning for your feet and gives it a soft ground to stay on. The front of the shoe near the toes also contains a Zoom Air unit that gives a soft place for your toes. There are notches present on the tongue so that you can adjust it accordingly.

All in all, there have been an abundance of positive reviews about the durability of the product. The only negative is the quality of laces for the shoes. The fit is perfect mainly apart from a few exceptions.

See the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22

8. Mizuno Wave Inspire 15

Next up we have MIZUNO Men’s Wave Inspire 15 running shoes. These come with an air mesh that keeps the shoe cool and ensures that your run is comfortable. The added feature of Dynamotionfit increases the adaptability of the shoe to give it a better fit. The outer material is fabric while the inner one is mesh.

The laces present are great for making sure that the feet stay safe and secure while running. The sole also provides a good grip and helps the foot to stay stable and balanced when you run. The foam that is present in the sole is made of EVA technology and provides comfort too.

One thing that makes these trainers different from others is the Mizuno wave technology which redirects the force of any impact on the feet and simultaneously makes sure that the foot is stable and secure. The U4iC is the advanced version of what had been previously used in these shoes. It is light in weight and provides increases the cushioning with a higher rebound.

Most of the customers have been surprised by how effective this wave technology is. Some have even deemed it the universal solution to an unstable run. There aren’t any negatives that can be seen in this pair of trainers.

See the Mizuno Wave Inspire 15

9. Saucony Echelon 7

We are nearing the end of our list and the last two are worthy of praise as well. The Saucony Echelon 7 Men’s running shoes are the kind of shoes that look great and give off a distinctive look. They are available in two color combinations. You can choose which one you prefer as both are easily available.

The shoes are made of leather and textile making them really durable and long lasting. The heel contains reflective elements which add to the uniqueness of this design. The sole made of gum rubber and the featured high end laces secure the foot and keep it balanced while running indoors and out.

The heel height is 1.18inches and offers a good amount of support to the feet. The shoes are not that wide rather they tend to hug the feet and can hence be worn by men and women easily. The tri-flex rubber sole helps with the elasticity of the shoe making it easier to lift while running. This way excessive force is not needed.

The quality of the shoe is great and it is a complete package for people with flat feet. The downside is that it is a little on the higher end which may not be a pro for people who are looking for a cheap form of exercise.

See the Saucony Echelon 7

10. New Balance 860v9

Last but not the least we have the New Balance 860v9 running shoes. These are one of the more expensive shoes that we have in our list. Although, the price is high, there are certain features that justify the cost.

There are five color combinations that the customer can choose from. All of these are neutral colors that can be worn for running or casually as well. The breathable mesh that is featured keeps the entire shoe odorless and well ventilated. The upper area of the shoe is able to stretch and yet maintains its shape so that the shoes stay on the feet.

The outer part is made of synthetic material and the width of the shoe is normal. Everyone can agree that stubbing your toe is one of the worst possible pains and this shoe has the solution for that. The trainers contain toe guard and heel walls to keep these sensitive areas protected from bruising and chaffing.

The tongue is movable and can be used with the laces to provide a comfortable fit. The latest technologies that are featured in these trainers are meant to facilitate your running experience.

These have been deemed best to be used for running outdoors rather than indoors. Also an advice for the runners is to get your running gait checked before buying these trainers.

See the New Balance 860v9

Tips to Buy Trainers for Flat Feet

If you can’t find what you are looking for in the top ten shoes but still want to know some tips to help you search for the perfect shoe, we have got you. Following are certain things that you need to keep in mind as there are an abundance of shoes that you will find in the market.

Know your Budget

The most important thing is your budget. Most people take up running because it is an inexpensive form of exercise. With this in mind the budget may not be that much for the shoes. If that is the case research what shoes fall in your price range before you buy. If you can afford to stretch your budget, go for it. This is because expensive shoes have more features.

Know your Size

Your size can change. It can change in a single day as well. Make sure you get your foot measured before you order a size especially when ordering online. It is a good idea to go and get your feet measured again once in a couple of months. This is important as the requirement of your feet can change as well. With a lower arch you would require a different kind of shoe than you were using before.

Consider the Structure

For flat footers, there is a need for support in the heel and toe area. When you look for shoes, make sure you take this into consideration as only then can you fulfill your running potential. Another important structure is the insole. Many people have benefited from using insoles for their shoes and it is highly likely that they would do you good as well.

Make Sure they Fit

Do not get a shoe that is too big or too small for your feet. This is why measurement of the feet is important. If the fit is too tight it could cause chafing and pain in the feet. A shoe that is too lose could very well just fall right off while you run. Neither will fulfull their function and would do you more harm than good.

Know your needs

Before buying a shoe, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where will I use these shoes? Outdoors or indoors?
  • How often will I use these shoes?
  • Is the area where I run usually wet?

These questions will help you get an idea of what you need. For areas that have water, you should look for a shoe that is waterproof. There are some shoes that are better fitted for outdoors while others for indoors. Know your needs to get yourself the perfect shoe.

To conclude, the comprehensive guide will help you find the right shoe for running. Invest wisely in the shoe as it is after all a question of the well-being of your feet.

Best Trainers for Flat Feet 2019
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