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How to Keep Feet Warm When Cycling

How to Keep Feet Warm When Cycling

Nothing is worse than cycling with ice-cold feet. Some people believe that this is an intractable problem. Not to worry, I’ll share my best tips for keeping your toes warm in this article.


A good pair of overshoes is the first choice for any cyclist looking to keep their feet warm. You want a nice thick pair, preferably made of neoprene or with a waterproof coating. Overshoes have the advantage of going directly over your cycling shoes, protecting your feet from the cold, wet, and rain. I recommend ones that rise quite high to keep the cold air out. They also eliminate the need to double-lay your socks. I would also advise you not to overtighten your cycling shoes. You can’t wiggle your toes because you have poor circulation.

Sock Choice

The next consideration is a good pair of socks. Many people will go out and buy some really thick winter hiking socks, then squeeze them into their cycling shoes. However, this is actually counter-intuitive because it leaves little room in your cycling shoe and reduces circulation, which is crucial. So, what I recommend is that you get a good winter cycling sock that fits nicely in your shoe and has some wiggle room. That way, if you pair them with a good pair of overshoes, you’ll keep your feet toasty warm.

Warm Core

It’s not just about layering your feet and hands; you should also consider your core. If your cold is at its core, it will divert all of your blood away from your extremities to protect your vital organs. That is why your feet and hands become cold and numb. Consider taking care of your core, which will then take care of your hands and feet. To keep your core warm, you should layer, with a nice thick under-jersey and a nice warm jacket. When it comes to layering your core, you won’t need as many layers on your hands and feet as you think. OR go out and find the steepest climb you can find to keep your core warm.

Winter-Specific Shoes

Most cycling shoes are made to be breathable and to keep your feet cool in the summer. However, when the temperatures drop, this is not what we want. If you spend a lot of time riding in conditions like this, you should think about investing in some winter-specific cycling shoes. These shoes are now more insulated. They also have waterproof properties, so your feet don’t get too wet and cold. However, if you don’t want to spend the money on an extra pair of shoes, overshoes should suffice.

Mud Guards

In the winter, your shoes and feet tend to take the full force of the water from your wheels. This can be a constant source of icy water from the road directly onto your toes. So, to avoid this, I recommend that you get some mudguards that cover both your front and rear wheels. This prevents all of the water from falling on your feet.

How to Keep Feet Warm When Cycling