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Best Budget Cross Trainers of 2020

Best Budget Cross Trainers (Elliptical)

The cardio apparatus consists of two large platforms that support the movement of feet and allowing to roll from the heel like while walking or running. The platforms help to maintain low pressure on the muscles and the joints as you need to hold feet on the platforms during the exercise, unlike the treadmill. The platforms affect the lower body and the handles work on the upper body as you push them during exercise. It gives you a very effective workout without much pressure or stretches on muscles. They are also space-saving equipment and do not need a long space as a rowing machine.

There are a lot of options available online and in the stores which fulfil the user requirements. Some of the cross trainers are ranked well by professionals, semi-professionals and home user according to their usage.

Consider our top 10 best budget cross trainers and you will find a suitable machine for your workouts.

1. New Image Maxi-Glider 360

New Image Maxi-Glider 360

Weight: 17 kg
Resistance Levels: 4
Max User Weight: 110 kg
Flywheel: N/A

Maxi-Glider 360 gives a whole body workout within one machine. It provides 4 different movements to work on the entire body. The range of movement includes Glide, Rotate, Ski and Split. The machine helps you to target 10 major muscle groups with its 360 angle movement to shape and sculpt the body. The machine is suitable for any age and experience. It has resistance management feature to manage your fitness level.

This elliptical helps to shape the overall body by targeting your hamstrings, inner and outer thighs, quads, surface glutes, deep glutes, biceps, triceps, chest and abs.

It provides all the facilities which are promised. It is useful in many conditions like a spinal problem but some of the users said that the space between platforms is quite larger than usual that is uncomfortable for short people. The machine is not made for too many people and not suitable for the home having many users. It can be a great fit in a home of fewer people. Since there is no age limit given in the description it is mostly used by overweight people and helped them to body sculpting.

Pros: Easy to build, folds flat for storage, well made, and robust

Cons: Only four levels of resistance and there isn’t much difference between the resistance levels.

See the New Image Maxi-Glider 360

2. JLL CT300


Weight: 35.9 kg
Resistance Levels: 8
Max User Weight: 100 kg
Flywheel: 5.5 kg

The cross trainer has 8 levels of magnetic resistance to adjust fitness level combined with the belt-driven technology to give you comfortable, smooth and quiet workout experience. It has front-drive 5.5 kg flywheel fixed in it for the resistance allowing you two movements that are forward and backward. It has multiple grips that allow you to either use moving side swing handles or hold stationary central handlebar during the workout. The machine is suitable for user weight up to 100 kg.

Other than the usual machine specifications this elliptical include LCD display monitor with 9 functions: Display RPM, Speed, Distance, Time, Temperature, Calories, Body Fat, Heart Rate and pulse recovery. You can use the monitor like a tablet holder (tablet not included). The machine provides secure experience with its non-slip platforms and strong steel frame that also assures the quality of this cross trainer is premium.

The trainer is easy to assemble and easy to use. The monitoring functions help in controlling workouts. The price of the machine is justified by its functionalities. Some of the users claimed that the machine is not for tall people due to its short stride length.

Pros: 5.5 kg flywheel, quiet to run, tracks many different metrics, lightweight and compact design

Cons: Can’t create and save custom workouts, limited 100kg user weight

See the JLL CT300

3. JTX Strider-X7

JTX Strider-X7

Weight: 54 kg
Resistance Levels: 16
Max User Weight: 130 kg
Flywheel: 12.5 kg

The cross trainer has 12.5 kg flywheel to manage resistance during a workout and give you quite, smooth and comfortable experience. The machine has 16-inch long stride to serve taller people and give stability in movement. These elliptical machines have 16 levels of magnetic resistance to adjust the intensity of the workout.

The machine is also accompanied by a large colour touch screen console with 21 programmes embedded in it including heart rate control, hill, fat burning and intervals. The machine also has an integrated pulse receiver, a programmable console that also saves up to 4 of your own workouts, body fat and pulse measurement and quick start buttons. Additionally, it has non-slip adjustable pedals and adjustable floor pads for an uneven surface. It is suitable for the users’ have weight up to 130 kg. It comes up with 5-year frame warranty and 2-year in-home repair warranty without assembling issue as it comes with labour for assembling.

The machine is reviewed positively in most cases. All the features justify its price nicely. The console helps to control and manage workout and progress. The additional features help to easily adjust the machine on a place of your comfort. Some of the consumer claims about assembling and parts but that comes in the warranty.

Pros: Ability to create custom workouts, easy to assemble, 16 resistance levels for challenging workouts

Cons: A little noisy, hand pulse sensors not always accurate

See the JTX Strider-X7

4. XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in-1

XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in-1

Weight: 28 kg
Resistance Levels: Variable
Max User Weight: 110 kg
Flywheel: N/A

This exercise equipment is a 2-in-1 device that serves as an elliptical and as an exercise bike. It has embedded with a front-drive flywheel for providing stability during workout. The resistance is adjustable to manage the intensity of the workout. The machine allows working on hips, legs, buttocks, arms and shoulder. The front flywheel helps in forward and backwards elliptical workout with a simulation of natural walking movements. The machine allows the weight of the user up to 110. The machine also has a multi-functional LCD display to show a pulse, time, speed distance, calorie and scan mode to manage and control your workout regime.

Additionally, it has a comfortable seat, steel frame for strong support, wide platform pedals and front wheels so that it can be moved around the house to place according to your comfort. Since it needs some assembling a full instruction manual comes along with the equipment. It has a moving stride bar to support upper body movement and workout. It also has fixed bars with heart rate monitoring through pulse sensors and you can easily perform whole body low impact cardiovascular with home comfort.

The product is positively graded by most of the customer. It is one of the most popular products. The product is easy to assemble having good quality material. Prices are justified with the features it gives. Some of the customers have issues while assembling but by following the instructions correctly the issue can be resolved.

Pros: Large comfortable seat, multi-function LCD display

Cons: Can be difficult to assemble

See the XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in-1

5. Exerpeutic Aero Air

Exerpeutic Aero Air

Weight: 23 kg
Resistance Levels: 8
Max User Weight: 100 kg
Flywheel: Relatively Light

This compact cross-trainer comes with adjustable strap tension to manage intensity through the dial. It also has workout computer to monitor your calories, distance, time and speed so you can manage and control your workout according to your desire. It has no-slip pedal platforms with ridges to support feet and provide natural elliptical movement to reduce tension from the joints and muscles and give you comfortable and low-impact workout feel. The dual action facility helps to work on arms and upper body and overall affect your hip, buttocks, legs, thighs, arms and shoulders. You can also adjust the tension to manage workout intensity. It has wheels to easily move around the house.

On average it is rated well by the customers. But it takes a bit long while assembling. Also, the size of the equipment is space-saving and good for individual use. The machine is not suitable for people under 5’2” according to the customer as the handlebars touch the face during movement. Good for tall people. The machine can be used by the users’ with up to 100 kg weight.

Pros: Compact design, stable, sturdy, supports backward stride motion

Cons: The 12 inches stride length could be problematic for taller users.

See the Exerpeutic Aero Air

6. PremierFit CB360 2-in-1

PremierFit CB360 2-in-1

Weight: 28.8 kg
Resistance Levels: Variable
Max User Weight: 100 kg
Flywheel: N/A

The machine is embedded with a front-drive wheel to provide stability. The compact design is adjustable in a home gym. The cross trainer has heart rate monitoring feature through pulse sensors. It also has a comfortable seat. The equipment is 2 in 1 by serving as an exercise bike and elliptical cross-trainers. The machine is a compact cardio weight-loss exercise machine to fit in your home gym.

The machine is rated well by most consumers. It is compact and good to start home training regime with. Although the saddles are not adjustable it works well with the original setting. Easy to assemble and easy to use but some customers claimed that it is a bit noisy. Overall the entire product justifies the price with its features.

Pros: Great value, well-built, sturdy, not too bulky

Cons: Takes a while to assemble

See the PremierFit CB360 2-in-1

7. Viavito Setry 2-in-1

Viavito Setry 2-in-1

Weight: 37 kg
Resistance Levels: 32
Max User Weight: 120 kg
Flywheel: 5 kg

The product has 5 kg flywheel to give a balanced resistance and magnetic resistance can be controlled through computer up to 32 levels. You can save 4 user-profiles and 20 challenging programmes in the system. The long stride helps tall people to work out easily but also suitable for short people. The LCD display allows controlling and managing programmes and profiles. It has the capability to work with 120 kg weight.

Large footplates support the movement. Helps to target on upper torso along with thighs, hips and buttocks without much pressure on joints and muscles. You can control your regime by getting Heart Rate measurement through a hand pulse sensor and a wireless receiver (chest strap optional). The machine comes with a 2-year warranty (applicable if the machine is registered within 28 days).

Viavito Setry is the best rated elliptical trainer by the customers with almost no complains. It is a good quality trainer that is justifying its price by providing all the promised features. The trainer is easy to assemble and use 2 in 1 trainer on a very reasonable price. It is a piece of compact designed equipment that can easily fit in your home gym and does not need an exercise bike in addition. It is versatile and comfortable to use. Provide adjustments in seat and platforms to give good support. It is a very positively rated elliptical for long term users.

Pros: Wide range of functions and programmes, small footprint, stable

Cons: Stride is a little short for a cross-trainer

See the Viavito Setry 2-in-1

8. We R Sports Deluxe 2-in-1

We R Sports Deluxe 2-in-1

Weight: 28 kg
Resistance Levels: Adjustable
Max User Weight: 110 kg
Flywheel: N/A

At a very low price, this cross trainer provides all the basic features and give a whole-body cardio workout without putting much pressure on your joints and muscles. The equipment helps to target on the thighs, hips, buttocks as well as the upper torso. The steel frame of the machine supports the movement and provides stability during workout.

The equipment also helps to manage workout by displaying time, distance, speed and calories. It helps to burn 5 times more calories than walking. It allows forward and backwards elliptical movements along with extra-wide pedal platforms. There is an adjustable resistance to assure you of the choice on the intensity of the workout. It has the capability to work with users’ weight up to 110 kg.

It is average rated equipment that although justifies its price with the feature but some of the customers also have negative remarks too. The machine is a bit difficult to assemble for many users but it is a good choice for people who consider space and price as the priority option. For some people the foot platforms are quite slippery that might give you uncomfortable experience with wrong shoes. The compact design fits in a home gym nicely. It also helped people to lose weight while keeping it simple and without many sophisticated programmes.

Pros: Easy to put together, easy instructions and excellent value for your money.

Cons: The arms tend to come loose with use so have to keep stopping exercising to tighten them.

See the We R Sports 2-in-1

9. XS Sports CT700

XS Sports CT700

Weight: 35 kg
Resistance Levels: 8
Max User Weight: 110 kg
Flywheel: 5.5 kg

The trainer is available with 5.5 kg magnetic resistance that allows forward and backward movement. It is suitable for people up to 110 kg. The design of the equipment is CE certified which authenticates its reliability. The LCD display functionalities include distance, time, speed, pulse and calories through its sensors. It also has a built-in tablet holder.

The low impact cardio trainer helps to target overall body fat with low pressure on joints with the help of its smooth and supporting pedals and flywheel. The rare dive flywheel also supports vigorous workouts and supports all level resistance. The equipment is manufactured under professionals supervision and verified for a home gym because of its compact, strong and stable design.

This cross trainer is rated well and do not have many negative remarks. The product is high-quality equipment with easy assembling and using. The product can be used for an intense workout and for a longer duration. The price is also reasonable.

Pros: Quiet in operation, sturdy, comes with labelled parts and tools

Cons: Flimsy LCD display

See the XS Sports CT700

10. Viavito Sina

Viavito Sina

Weight: 47 kg
Resistance Levels: 32
Max User Weight: 120 kg
Flywheel: 9 kg

It is high-intensity workout equipment that is available with 9 kg flywheel to give smooth movements. The equipment has an LCD display that allows managing 4 user-profiles and saving up to 20 challenging programs. It also helps to keep a check on the workout details like duration, speed, pulse rate, calories and etc. 32 levels of magnetic resistance is also controlled through a computer.

Metric & Imperial Switch MPH/KPH and a wireless receiver to get Heart rate (chest strap sold separately). The device is suitable for people up to 120 kg. Its long strides help tall people to work out easily. Comfortable footplates support the movement. The equipment targets the whole body without putting pressure on joints and muscles.

According to its users, the equipment is suitable for long term use. It provides firm movement during exercise that gives a comfortable experience. It is a wholesome experience in your home gym. The machine is a bit difficult to assemble but a good machine worth a little effort.

Pros: Simple instructions for programming the computer

Cons: The diagrams are small and not clear

See the Viavito Sina

Best Budget Cross Trainers: Comparison Table

TrainerWeightResistance LevelsMax User WeightFlywheel
Maxi-Glider 36017 kg4110 kgN/A
JLL CT30035.9 kg8100 kg5.5 kg
JTX Strider-X754 kg16130 kg12.5 kg
Luna Pro 2-in-128 kgVariable110 kgN/A
Exerpeutic Aero Air23 kg8100 kgRelatively Light
PremierFit CB360 2-in-128.8 kgVariable100 kgN/A
Viavito Setry 2-in-137 kg32120 kg5 kg
We R Sports Deluxe 2-in-128 kgAdjustable110 kgN/A
XS Sports CT70035 kg8110 kg5.5 kg
Viavito Sina47 kg32120 kg9 kg

How to Choose a Budget Cross Trainer?

Choosing a Budget Elliptical Machine

There are a lot of features and options available when choosing a cross trainer for your use. They are available in different quality and budgets. They are presented in simple manual forms and with LEDs and advance feature on lower budgets to higher but reasonable prices. You have many choices while buying the cross trainers depending on your requirement, weight, time limit and etc. you can also choose within different qualities depending on your demand whether you want for a long-term or short-term use.

If you need a single, all in one and space-saving equipment from your home gym then cross trainers are the best choice on the equipment’s list. This equipment is also a good choice if you are planning to do some exercise without much running like on a treadmill and helps to move a little more than the exercise bike. The equipment helps you t move all in all without straining the muscle and without putting much impact on your joints.

The elliptical machines are so compact to be fit easily if you need single cardio equipment to be part of your home gym. They can be adjusted easily to provide the comfort of your own home while working out. There is a large range of cross trainer so that you can choose according to your requirements.

There are many feature choices to prefer from while getting a cross-trainer. You can consider these features according to requirement before buying a machine for your gym.

Flywheel Weight

Elliptical machines have flywheels for the resistance effect and workout impact. The wheel comes in different weights that affect the intensity of the workout. Heavier the wheel, smoother will be the workout with higher resistance. You can choose the wheel weight according to your work out intensity desire or the goal you want to achieve. Minimum 5 kg is good for basic workout and heavier will be better. Heavier wheels are also expensive due to their higher and smoother impact.

Front or Rear Flywheel

Flywheel categorized the cross trainer in different ways. It comes in two forms: front-drive and rear-drive. Rear-drive flywheels need a bit longer space but it provides longer stride and movement in a running pattern. They are usually made for high-intensity workouts. Front-drive flywheels help in compact designing. They need a smaller space and give an effect like a stepper. Low-quality front-drive flywheels are made for a light workout and might be for short term use.

Stride Length

If you are tall then you need a long stride length. It will be felt uncomfortable and cramped to use the cross trainer if the stride length is not suitable and short for your gait.

Handle Size and Grips

Same as stride length handle size matters for comfort during workout. For a contented ride, handles must be long enough. The handles are also available with multiple grips which are helpful to do varied exercise.

Resistance Levels

As mentioned above, flywheels are responsible for the resistance but a cross-trainer might have magnetic resistance options. The resistance is also adjustable in many machines depending upon the manufacturer. It also comes with built-in programs for the resistance options according to the workout and its intensity. You can choose what suits you from a range of good options.


Another option for vigorous workout and increasing difficulty without touching the resistance option is to incline the machine. Some of the high-end and mid-range cross trainers have the option to incline whether manually or electronically with the help of a control panel of the machine.

Size and Folding Designs

Cross trainers are said to be the compact machine for low impact cardio workout and they are mostly expensive and occupy space. But they come in different sizes and you can consider your space while getting elliptical machines. Most of the high priced machines are bulkier, heavier and bigger but they provide more stability. The bigger ellipticals are good for the gym but that cannot fit in your home gym. There are also some models which are designed for home gyms and provide the folding capability to save more space.

Other Features

The cross trainers come with more advanced features and settings. You have options for the adjustable platform, multiple handles and even smart connectivity but every feature affect the price. It is also essential to consider users’ weight, the desire of the intensity of the workout and the number of users to get the most suitable and sustainable machine at once.


All of the above-mentioned cross trainers are best within their prices and features. Some of them have advanced features while others provide basic functionalities in low price. It all depends on an individual’s requirements to choose a helper (equipment) to go with your fitness journey.

See our reviews for the best budget cross trainers, we have rounded up a top 10 list to narrow down your choice.

Best Budget Cross Trainers of 2020