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Can Running Shoes be used for Gym?

Can Running Shoes be used for Gym?

Yes, you can wear your running shoes at the gym but keep in mind that running shoes are not designed for lifting heavyweights. If you use them at the gym, they will wear out quicker. If you’re lifting extremely heavyweights, it is advised that you should buy proper gym shoes because running shoes are usually constructed with relatively soft cushioning. The soft cushioning does not support heavy loads. Also, the upper of the shoe does not hold your foot while working out and you do not feel supported. When you wear these shoes at the gym, you basically compress the soft foam making them relatively useless for running.

One the other hand, weight lifting shoes have an aggressive heel-to-toe drop. They are also very durable and stiff compared to running shoes. Also, they feature a thicker and stiffer upper to hold your foot in place. These shoes are specially designed for gym and CrossFit workouts over a thick platform sole.

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Getting and staying in shape requires properly fitted footwear. The right shoes will ensure you get the most out of any workout. Below are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing shoes for workouts.

Do your Research

Do your research and don’t just grab the first shoe you see. Invest in a pair that’s made specifically for exercise and your body will thank you. Look for lightweight footwear with a firm heel and good support.

Choose your Shoes for the Right Activity

Don’t choose the right shoe for the wrong workout because every shoe has made for the specific activity. For example, tennis shoes are different from basketball shoes and running shoes are different than gym shoes. If you participate in any activity two to three times a week, get a sports-specific shoe. If you play occasional pickup games and run with the kids, a cross-trainer is your best bet for full coverage support.

Don’t Overuse your Workout Shoes

Make sure you don’t overuse your workout shoes. If they become your comfy errand shoes or you try to use a pair for several years, stop. Shoes are worn for the support they offer, which can wear out before the shoe self is noticeably ragged. Replace your shoes every six months if you’re frequently active or once a year if you exercise more casually. If you feel aches in your back, hips, and knees it’s time to get new shoes.

Seek Professional Help

Finally don’t skip out on professional help. Visit an athletic shoe store and ask the staff to measure your foot for the right fit. They should question your exercise habits, watch you walk and suggest a shoe size for your width and length. With the perfect shoe, you’ll be able to train and perform at your best.

Can Running Shoes be used for Gym?