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Can Hiking Shoes be used for Running?

Can Hiking Shoes be used for Running?

Yes, you can use your hiking shoes for running but keep in mind these shoes are not designed specifically for running. Since hiking boots are hard and heavy so it will be a harder job. If you use a good pair of hiking shoes, you won’t get blisters either. There’s an advantage of using hiking because you will be working harder and will get fitter when running a given distance. So it is worth giving hiking shoes a running try. If you’re just getting into running, it is not a bad idea to use hiking shoes for short runs. When you get into some serious running, spend money on a decent pair of running shoes.

Below some of the things that you should keep in mind when choosing hiking shoes for running or vice versa.

Advantages of Hiking Shoes

If you notice that hiking shoes are much more durable and stable than running shoes. It is constructed in a way that’s able to keep off and wick away moisture, mud, snow, any elements that you might be encountering on the trail as well as some stability for your ankle and your foot in general.

Advantages of Running Shoes

When it comes to the benefits of running shoes, you’ve got a couple of options. First that running shoes can be very lightweight and minimal and second, they are super breathable than traditional hiking shoes. These shoes are very simple to use and are also great for short hikes.

You can also go with something that’s a little bit more rugged. These running shoes have some support to it and it’s also going to breathe a whole lot better than most hiking shoes and backpacking shoes. But it’s got enough structure for it that you can take it off-trail if you need to. It can hold up to those roots a little bit better. They’re extremely lightweight options available. They’re very breathable for those hotter days as well as something that’s going to give your feet a little bit more range of movement.

Downsides of Hiking Shoes

There are some downsides associated with using hiking shoes. First, you need a break-in period with these guys. You’ve got to give them some time to get comfortable on your feet. Second, you’ve also got a substantially heavier shoe when compared to runners.

Downsides of Running Shoes

As far as the cons for running shoes, you’ve got to deal with a shoe that’s not going to have the same amount of life as far as years or trail miles as most hiking shoes. You’ve also got a shoe that’s not going to have as much support for you.


If you’re going to be doing something that’s a little bit burlier, you’re going to have a heavy pack on your back 40 or 50 pounds and you’re cranking out those miles going far and high, go with a pair of hiking boots. These shoes will provide stability, ankle support and will protect your foot from any kind of damage or injury that might happen. Also, these boots last longer than running shoes and you’ll be able to get a lot of years of use out of them.

If you want to go light and fast and you won’t carry a lot of weight, go with running shoes. Again, these shoes are lightweight, flexible and they breathe well.

Can Hiking Shoes be used for Running?