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Do you Wear a Cycling Cap under the Helmet?

How to Wear a Cycling Cap Under your Helmet?

Yes, a lot of cyclists wear a cap under their helmets. A cycling cap is a little different from other hats and caps. It is usually made of thin materials and is very flexible. The back features elastic to achieve a perfect fit. Since the materials are thin and flexible, you can easily accommodate one under your helmet. Keep in mind when you are wearing a cap, you will have to raise your head a little bit to see the road, which may give you neckache.

Why should you wear a Cycling Cap?

A cycling cap helps you in comfort and visibility much like other hats or caps. It will help keep the sun out of your eyes and it does this while still fitting underneath the helmet. On bright and sunny days, a cap absorbs sweat and it helps to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes. If you’ve ever gotten sweat in your eyes you know how much it stings!

Another handy thing that a cycling cap does is that it helps to keep your hair from falling into your eyes while you’re riding. But if you don’t have long hair, it helps keeps your nice and beautiful scalp from getting sunburned.

Cycling caps are also useful for rainy conditions. This is especially true if you ride in glasses. When I ride without a cycling cap in the rain, I have to take off my glasses because a lot of little beads of water stick onto them and start to injure my visibility. I don’t think that’s the safest thing to ride without my glasses because I’m not legally allowed to even ride without my glasses so cycling caps allow me to see better in the rain.

Also, it helps to keep your head dry in the rain so you’re not walking around like a dog that just ran through the sprinklers. Along with that, the cycling cap helps to keep your head warm, which makes it perfect for those early morning spring rides.

Peak Up or Peak Down?

I think this is a matter of personal choice. Personally, I would wear a vented helmet with a peak down but never up. The peak down is the most common and functional style. It protects your eyes from wind and sunlight as well as bugs. Peak down is also helpful at night because it blocks the blinding headlights coming from the other direction. One occasion where you can use peak up is when you are wearing the cap too low and having a difficult time seeing the road ahead. In this situation, flipping the peak up will help you see the road. You can always flip it down when needed. Finally, you have the option to wear it with a peak back-wards. Most people would say it will protect your neck from sunburn but I don’t think so. Also, I would never wear it like that.

What Cycling Caps are available?

What Cycling Caps are available?

There are plenty of options available from budget to premium but the following are my favourite.

1. GripGrab Classic

GripGrab Classic

GripGrab is a classic cycling cap made of 100% polyester. It protects your head from sunlight, rain, dust, and wind. The design is super stylish and can be worn with almost all cycling outfits. The cap has a short brim so you can wear it with confidence. The fit is nice and snug and it fits under your helmet perfectly. The one downside of this cap is that it slowly wears out with time. The logo on the front starts to fade after a few washes. Also, the cap comes in a few sizes and does not offer a lot of adjustments.

What I like: Great value, stylish, perfect for wearing under a helmet, comfortable

What I don’t like: Wears out with time, limited adjustments available

See the GripGrab Classic

2. Bianchi Milano

Bianchi Milano

Bianchi is a well-known brand for cycling gear and chances are you may already have some gear from dhb like shorts, shoes, helmets, etc. The Classic cap comes in one size and it will perfectly fit your head because it is one size fits all. This individually hand-made cycling cap is lightweight, breathable, and provides good moisture management. There’s a convenient brim that protects your eyes from sun and rain. This cap is made of a fabric that is 35% cotton and 65% polyester. The lightweight design also makes it a perfect choice for summer use. If you are looking for a lightweight and affordable cycling cap, the Bianchi Milano can be a good option for you.

What I like: Comes in a variety of colours, can be styled with any cycling outfit, is super lightweight does a good job of absorbing sweat in summer

What I don’t like: Seams rub under the helmet, poor fit, slightly uncomfortable

See the Bianchi Milano

3. Sundried Cap

Sundried Cap

Sundried is a perfect cap for summer cycling. The fabric is very breathable and is very comfortable to wear during warm-weather riding. This fabric does a good job of wicking sweat away. Also, this fabric doesn’t feel like 100% cotton fabric after absorbing water. You have the option to wear it with peak up or down. The fit is classic and suitable to wear under most cycling helmets. If you are looking for a stylish and modern cap that can be worn under a helmet, look for a Sundried cap, which is a great option.

What I like: Very attractive, super lightweight, doesn’t feel cold on your head, breathable fabric

What I don’t like: Only one size is available.

See the Sundried Cap


A cycling cap is a piece of gear that you can wear under your helmet to enhance protection against rain, sunlight, wind, and to help absorb sweat. Most people wear it in extreme weather conditions to protect their eyes or glasses from water drops or in the summer to help absorb sweat. So, it is a good idea to always use a cap while cycling. I recommend never riding your bike with just a cycle cap. Wear your helmet, stay safe, and look good enjoying your miles.

Do you Wear a Cycling Cap under the Helmet?