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Jack Walker Walking Boots Review

Jack Walker Walking Boots Review

When it comes to walking, your choice of footwear can make or break your outdoor experience. In the world of walking boots, comfort, durability, and weather resistance are paramount. Enter the Jack Walker Walking Boots – a pair that has been making waves in the hiking community for all the right reasons. These boots have been put through their paces over the past month, and the verdict is in: they’re comfy, well-made, and waterproof. With such glowing praise, and considering their affordability, it begs the question: can you do better for the price? Let’s delve into our comprehensive review to find out.


Jack Walker Boots
Outsole: EVA+Rubber
Footwear height: Ankle
Waterproof: Yes
Breathable: Yes
Upper: Leather

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Key Features

Experience unparalleled comfort with our Genuine Leather Jack Walker Comfortable Walking Men’s Boots. Designed with a soft insole, these boots ensure maximum comfort throughout your long treks or hikes. Bid farewell to tired, achy feet and embrace the pleasure of every step you take on the trails.

Rest assured with our six-month sole warranty, applicable to all our footwear. We stand behind our products with confidence, boasting a 100% approval rate. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we guarantee the quality and durability of every pair of Jack Walker boots.

Conquer wet conditions with ease thanks to the waterproof capabilities of our walking boots. Keep your feet dry for up to 60 minutes in the harshest weather, while the breathable material ensures continuous freshness and comfort. Embrace outdoor adventures without worrying about soggy socks or discomfort.

Crafted from premium genuine leather, our boots are built to endure the toughest terrains. Whether you’re embarking on a challenging hike, a thrilling trek, or a leisurely walk, trust in the durability and reliability of our high-quality materials. Jack Walker boots are your steadfast companion for every outdoor endeavour.

Step confidently with the excellent traction provided by our boots’ meticulously designed soles. Say goodbye to slips and falls on slippery surfaces, as our boots offer stability and security with each stride. No matter the terrain or weather conditions, walk with assurance and ease in Jack Walker boots.


Recently, I decided to put my new Jack Walker Boots to the test during a short yet muddy excursion up the Skirrid in South Wales. Initially purchased as a spare pair, these boots pleasantly surprised me with their performance.

From the moment I slipped them on, I noticed the exceptional comfort they offered. The soft insole provided ample cushioning, ensuring my feet remained cosy and supported throughout the trek. Despite their lightweight design, these boots didn’t compromise on stability; they offered just the right amount of support, allowing me to navigate the uneven terrain with ease.

One of the standout features was the impressive grip these boots provided. Despite the slippery conditions, I felt confident in each step, thanks to the reliable traction of the soles. Even on challenging inclines, the boots held firm, allowing me to maintain my pace without hesitation.

Upon encountering a particularly muddy section of the trail, I decided to put the waterproof claim to the test. After rinsing off the accumulated mud in a nearby stream, I was pleased to find that my feet remained completely dry. The waterproofing held up admirably, ensuring my comfort and protection against the elements.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Upon unpacking the boots, I noticed that the end of one of the laces was snapped off. While this was a minor inconvenience, it did detract slightly from the overall experience.

Value to Money

When it comes to hiking boots, finding the perfect balance between quality and affordability can be a challenge. However, with Jack Walker, I found exceptional value without compromising on performance.

These boots are undeniably solid, offering durability that belies their price tag. Despite their budget-friendly cost, they exude a sense of quality that surpasses expectations. From the genuine leather construction to the attention to detail in design, they look and feel more expensive than they actually are.

Comfort is paramount when spending long hours on the trail, and these boots deliver in spades. The soft insole provides a plush cushioning that rivals that of higher-end options, ensuring that every step is a pleasure. Even after extended wear, my feet remained comfortable and supported, without any signs of fatigue.

In terms of longevity, these boots have already proven their worth. While it’s still early days, they have shown no signs of wear and tear, unlike similar-priced alternatives that quickly deteriorated. It’s clear that Jack Walker prioritizes quality craftsmanship, resulting in boots that stand the test of time.

What truly sets these boots apart, however, is their value proposition. Comparable boots with a similar price tag have often failed to measure up in terms of durability and performance. Yet, the Jack Walker Boots hold their own against options costing twice as much. With their unbeatable combination of quality, comfort, and durability, they represent excellent value for money and are a wise investment for any hiking enthusiast.

Comparison with Competitors

When considering hiking boots, it’s essential to weigh the options carefully to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. In comparison to its competitors, these boots stand out for several reasons.

Firstly, let’s talk about comfort. While many boots in the same price range can leave your feet feeling sore and fatigued after a day on the trails, the Jack Walker boots prioritize comfort without compromise. The soft insole provides a plush cushioning that rivals even higher-priced options, ensuring that every step is a pleasure rather than a pain.

Durability is another key factor to consider when comparing hiking boots. Unlike some similarly priced alternatives that quickly fall apart after a few hikes, these boots are built to last. Crafted from premium genuine leather, these boots can withstand the toughest terrains and weather conditions, making them a reliable companion for countless adventures.

Traction is crucial for maintaining stability on the trails, especially in challenging terrain. While some budget-friendly boots may skimp on traction, these boots excel in this department. The meticulously designed soles provide excellent grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls even on slippery surfaces.

Finally, let’s talk about value. While there are certainly cheaper options on the market, they often sacrifice quality and performance. Conversely, higher-priced boots may offer premium features but come with a hefty price tag. The Jack Walker Walking Boots strike the perfect balance, delivering outstanding quality, comfort, and durability at a price that won’t break the bank.

What I like about these boots

  • Superior comfort with a soft insole for long treks
  • Genuine leather construction ensures durability
  • Waterproof and breathable material keeps feet dry and fresh
  • Excellent traction for stability on various terrains
  • Affordable price point compared to competitors
  • Six-month sole warranty provides peace of mind
  • Lightweight design adds to overall comfort during hikes

What I don’t like about these boots

  • Some users reported issues with snapped laces out of the box

Final Verdict

These boots offer an impressive blend of comfort, durability, and affordability, making them a standout choice for outdoor enthusiasts. With their soft insole and genuine leather construction, these boots prioritize comfort and longevity, ensuring a pleasant hiking experience even on the toughest trails. The waterproof and breathable material keeps feet dry and fresh, while the excellent traction provides stability on various terrains.

One of the most appealing aspects of these boots is their affordability. Despite their high-quality construction and performance, they come at a price that won’t break the bank, making them accessible to hikers of all budgets. Additionally, the six-month sole warranty provides added assurance of their quality and durability.

While some users may encounter minor issues such as snapped laces, these are outweighed by the numerous benefits offered by these boots. Overall, if you’re in the market for comfortable, reliable hiking boots that won’t cost a fortune, look no further than the Jack Walker Walking Boots. They’re a solid investment for any outdoor adventure.

Jack Walker Walking Boots Review