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What to Wear Under Cycling Shorts?

What to Wear Under Cycling Shorts?

Cycling is one of those things that a lot of people think they’re doing right but it actually requires a great amount of gear to be comfortable on the ride. Cycling shorts are one of those pieces of gear that you should absolutely be using to get the best performance, but you might not know just what you’re supposed to do with them. Should they be treated like normal shorts or are they designed to be treated as something else?

Should you wear underwear under your shorts?

Never wear underwear under your cycling shorts because your shorts provide enough padding to be comfortable. In fact, most modern shorts are designed seamlessly against your skin without the need for anything in between. If you wear anything in between, it’s going to create chafing, which is uncomfortable. Also, underwear is not sweat-friendly and causes smell due to bacterial growth.

Getting comfortable with cycling shorts

The truth is that cycling shorts are designed to be worn close to the body. That means you’re not going to wear anything under. Instead, you want to make sure that you get a pair of shorts that fit tight and keep you comfortable while you’re riding. Whether you wear baggy style cycling shorts with a liner, tight padded shorts or bib shorts, wear them right on the skin to provide the best level of protection.

What it takes to stay comfortable

So, if you’re looking to be comfortable for an extended ride just what do you need to know? The first is that your cycling shorts aren’t going to do the job entirely on their own. Rather, you’re going to need to use some type of powder or cream to help reduce any kind of chafing that could occur while you ride. This will also help with some of the pain or irritation that you might get from sitting on your bike seat for a long period all at once.

You may want to take a look at the more padded style of bike shorts as well. These are designed to keep you up off the seat a little more. They also provide some added cushion that will help you get more comfortable. The longer you’re going to be riding the more important padded shorts might be, especially in conjunction with the creams or powders that I already mentioned. They’ll help you get more comfort all the way around.

Make sure you have a couple of pairs with you when you’re going for a longer ride. You may find yourself sweating over the course of the day and nobody likes to wear a pair of damp shorts in the morning. You need a fresh pair that feel dry and comfortable. Otherwise, you’re asking for a whole lot more chafing.

If you’re wearing baggy style shorts with a liner, you could choose to keep the baggy outer layer. This is also true for multiple days as long as you change out the liner on the inside. That’s the part that’s going to get sweaty and it’s the part that will be most uncomfortable. The outer layer is going to be just fine even after a couple of days. It won’t rub against your skin even if it’s a little damp.

Finally, take care of yourself while riding. You need to take the shorts off as soon as you get done with your ride. Also, make sure you’re washing them. This gets rid of any sweat or moisture that might have accumulated during the ride. From there, use your cream or powder.

You’ll also need to take care of your shorts to make sure they’ll be ready for the next time you need them. If you are going to wear them the next day, they need to be washed and completely dried. So, you don’t have to worry about moisture. Pay attention to the cleaning instructions that come with the shorts as well.

Do you really need cycling shorts?

Maybe even after reading all of this, you’re still not quite sure about cycling shorts or whether they’re even necessary. The short answer is that they’re going to be helpful when you first put them on. If you’re not quite sure, let’s take a look at some of the big benefits of cycling shorts.

  • They provide a comfortable fit that won’t get tangled in your spokes. With cycling shorts, you don’t have anything big, loose and baggy getting tangled up in your spokes. You will have tight-fitting bottoms that are designed to give you all the freedom of movement that you need without that entanglement.
  • They have added padding to keep you more comfortable. These types of shorts don’t always come with padding but the really good ones are going to. That’s going to make it easier for you to ride for a long time and feel comfortable doing it.
  • Look the part to other cyclists when you’re out. Okay, so you don’t necessarily need this part but it’s definitely going to be a benefit. Plus, if you wear baggy shorts with a liner you’ll be able to blend in with other riders as well as regular people who are more casual riders. It’s all in where your personal preference is.


In conclusion, cyclists don’t need to wear anything under their shorts. They provide sufficient padding and comfort needed for riding. Also, they can be a great option because they keep you comfortable and dry. But do you really want to be wearing these shorts for your next bike ride? Chances are you will now because you know all the different things that you’re going to have by wearing these rather than a standard pair of jeans or shorts. Just take a minute to look at the different options and see which ones are going to be the easiest for your next bike ride.

What to Wear Under Cycling Shorts?