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Are Turbo Trainers Good for Weight Loss?

Are Turbo Trainers Good for Weight Loss?

Turbo trainers are not only good for weight loss but they also help you get fit. We all know that we need to eat less when it comes to weight loss and exercise more. Over the past few years, I have found that a bike trainer is a much better way to exercise at home than traditional cross-trainers. I have tried it and actually lost some weight while eating sensibly, so I know it works. One of the downsides of using trainers is that it is boring. But you can overcome this by playing music, watching TV, or going for a smart trainer. More detail is coming below.

How often should you train?

In order to get fit and maintain a good fitness level, you need to exercise on a daily basis. If you are a beginner and think you are very unfit, it is suggested that exercising for half an hour three times a week can be a better bet. It looks like not a lot of work, but you will feel the difference after some time. You can also increase the time or exercise for more intense sessions. Exercising three times a week means you will skip a day between sessions. This is to rebuild your muscles.

If you are a professional cyclist with good stamina and your muscles have adapted to the cycling exercise, you can exercise on a regular basis. Also, if you want, you can increase the session time and do a faster and more intense session.

What are the advantages of using turbo trainers?

I think they are the best way to get fit at home. I know this is a preference thing but it is a more budget-friendly and easy to use option. The set up is easy and you can start exercising in minutes. This thing doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your room and most of them are foldable so you can store them under your bed after the session. You can enjoy cycling even in the worst weather. Finally and most importantly, it is safe and risk-free because this exercise will be a low impact exercise and it just increases your muscle strength and fitness level.

Some workouts for beginners

To start using turbo trainers, it is a good idea to start with a simple 5 to 10-minute warm-up. You can then increase the resistance and speed depending upon your fitness level and experience with bike trainers. This will be a 30-minute session and it should be an easy task even a beginner and unfit can begin with. Also, there’s no need to follow a workout plan. You can enjoy your favourite music and cycle slowly for one track and faster for the next. Here is an in-depth guide for using turbo trainers as a beginner.

Make your workout entertaining

If you have been training for a while and realized that staring at a wall is extremely boring. Don’t worry; there are some easy ways to make your workout sessions more entertaining:

  • You can listen to your favourite music while you are pedalling. This is the most obvious and easiest to set up.
  • Watch your favourite programmes on TV. Keep the TV volume low so you don’t disturb your neighbours.
  • YouTube is another way of good entertainment. Place your laptop in front of you and put your earbuds on. Do not use headphones because swear will build up around your ears and it causes the smell.
  • Finally, you can opt for a smart trainer. It will take your exercise to the next level. Just connect your trainer with your smartphone, tablet or laptop and enjoy the virtual ride experience.


To sum up, a turbo trainer is a good way to lose weight at home. It is an inexpensive and rather risk-free method that is better than traditional cross trainer workouts. You can also use your cycle trainer when the weather outside is simply bad for cycling.

Are Turbo Trainers Good for Weight Loss?