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Can you Wear Training Shoes Casually?

Can you Wear Training Shoes Casually?

The short answer is yes. You can definitely wear training shoes causally. A lot of people wear these shoes on a daily basis. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you never wear these shoes with a formal or dress suit. Training shoes are designed to be versatile and arguably they are more commonly worn than other casual-specific shoes because they are extremely comfortable.

If you’re conscious about it, you might get a pair of shoes that are stylish and can be worn around town, for example, Nike Wearallday Sneaker. They are versatile and be used for both training and running. These shoes are offered in a variety of colour schemes and you can use them as casual shoes too without thinking twice.

The following are a few ways to style your training shoes.

Wear the Right Pair of Pants

Training shoes are very sleek and sporty so that means your pants also have to be very sleek and sporty. It means that you should wear athletic or tapered jeans. When your pants are tapered like track pants or joggers, the silhouette of the shoe stands out. Some of my favourites are the Nike Tech Fleece Jogger your standard track pants from let’s say Adidas. Likewise with jeans, if you want to show off the shoe, you are going to have to taper your pants. Here, I don’t mean skin-tight pants, instead, I am talking about the ankle area. You can get that tapered look by tailoring your pants. You can also cuff your pants with the pin roll method. This is going to give your fit a unique look and it is going to look like “you know what you’re doing”.

Wear the Right Pair of Socks

Another way to style trainers is to wear the right pair of socks. This is just my opinion and I don’t think you should be wearing any other type of socks besides no-shows or crew socks. Both of these look amazing with trainers. No-shows because you get that tad bit of ankle exposure and crew socks because you can always cuff your pants and shoe off that little bit of branding or design of your socks. Also, if you’re still into this, wear your crew socks over your track pants or joggers and give that a nice flow showing the silhouette of your shoe.

The focus of your Colour Blocking

Training shoes are very colourful and you’re going to want to take advantage of that. Focus on two things to keep it simple; complementary colours and contrasting tones. This means focusing on opposite sides of the colour wheel or light versus dark. You can also use this principle with the other points I talked about earlier. So different colour socks, track pants or jeans, however, you want to do it! Either way colour blocking is one of the most overlooked aspects of composing a clean outfit.


Trainers are perfect for summer, training and any situation except the formal ones of course where you have to dress up. I personally wore some ultra-boots on some dates and it was fine. Now that you know how to rock these, go pretend that you look like “you know what you’re doing”.

Can you Wear Training Shoes Casually?